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Why you should always hire professionals for your holiday lighting

Although many handle Christmas light installation themselves every year, a surprisingly large percentage of people make dangerous mistakes that put their homes and businesses at risk.

This is why it's so important to seek the expertise of trained professionals. An experienced electrician can help ensure that your holiday lighting not only looks great, but is also completely safe.

Without this expert assistance, you could unknowingly be causing a severe fire hazard that threatens the safety of your family or customers and employees.

Think about it ...

  • Do you know exactly how many strands of lights your electrical system can handle?
  • Are you sure your electrical receptacles are rated for the power you'll be producing?
  • Do you know which types of extension cordsshould be used for Christmas light installation, and which are NOT designed for outdoor use?
  • Are you sure your lights will be safe if they get wet from rain, snow or other moisture?
  • Did you know that an electrical fire can happen even if your circuit has tripped?

Imagine coming home from a holiday outing with your family to see fire trucks outside your home, and your house ruined. Worse yet, imagine what would happen if a serious fire broke out in the middle of the night when you and your family were asleep.

It's scary to think about, but these are the things you need to consider before making the decision to hang those Christmas lights this season. If you don't have extensive knowledge of electrical systems and components, then why take the chance? It's best to leave your lighting installation to the professionals.

Did you know?

Between 2006 and 2010, holiday lights caused fires in roughly 160 homes a year, on average,according to the National Fire Protection Association. About two-thirds (69%) of those fires involved electrical failures and malfunctions stemming from the holiday lights.

Let's take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when hanging holiday lights.

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Christmas Light Installation Mistakes

1) Too many strands connected to each other.

This is one of the most common mistakes people make, year after year. Even as the light manufacturers make bigger labels and warnings that state clear limits on wattage, most people continue to ignore the warnings and connect far too many strands together.

Your average store-bought Christmas lights can only handle 2-3 additional strands before making the wire too hot. This is a serious fire concern that can be easily avoided by simply following the instructions.

2) Improper extension cords.

The labels on many lights restrict the use of extension cords, but this is another warning that most people ignore. Even worse, many people are using extension cords that are decades old, damaged and simply not designed to handle the strain of today's complex Christmas light installations.

3) Wires left out in the rain and snow.

The problem starts with improper extension cords. It's made worse when those cords lie in the wet grass, exposed to everyday moisture, rain and snow. Sure, the circuit may trip if the line gets wet but every time it happens, there is a real risk of fire.

4) Improper use of ladders and other poor decisions.

Electrical fires are only one of the major concerns of doing Christmas light installation yourself. The other is the risk of falling when you're climbing ladders or walking on your roof.

On average, nearly 6,000 people suffer from fall-related injuries every year while decorating for the holidays. Why take the risk?

5) Too much strain on your electrical system.

Many homeowners and businesses get very ambitious about their Christmas lights. It's great to see that kind of enthusiasm and holiday spirit, but unfortunately safety is often an afterthought.

If you're connecting dozens of strands of lights, along with waving Santa Clauses, inflatable snowmen and other electrical decorations, all into the same handful of outlets, then chances are it's way too much for an ordinary system to handle.

Christmas Lights Specialist

The Easy & Safe Way to Handle Christmas Light Installation

Why risk causing a fire or serious injury by installing the Christmas lights yourself?

The Christmas Lights Specialists are skilled, experienced professionals who are happy to help you with every step of your Christmas light installation. We serve residential and commercial customers in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas with professional, gorgeous holiday lighting installation.

From design to installation, our experts will make your home or business look absolutely beautiful, while ensuring that all the lights are installed properly and professionally.

Our team consists of trained, certified electrical contractors, so we know how to do the job right. We'll make sure your system is completely safe, so you'll have one less thing to worry about during the hectic holiday season.

Working with our experts is simple. Just tell us your ideas, and we'll make them come to life. We can assist with purchasing all the necessary lighting and electrical components. And when the holiday season is over, we'll remove the lights and can help you with storage too.

Call us at (888) 377-1363 for professional Christmas light installation!


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